Multi-Currency Payments

Simplify global business with multi-currency payments

Effortlessly manage international payments. Avoid costly conversion fees. Grow your business worldwide.

VIALET – your partner in global business success

Go global, sell more

Expand your customer base and revenue potential by accepting payments in six major currencies (USD, GBP, PLN, SEK, DKK, CZK) alongside your base EUR account. VIALET makes it easy to manage international transactions, removing barriers to global business success.

Spend less, see clearly

Avoid unfavorable exchange rates with VIALET’s transparent pricing and competitive FX rates. See exactly how much you’ll pay upfront, ensuring you maximize your profits on every international sale.

Streamline operations, simplify life

Manage all your international finances from a single platform. VIALET’s business account allows you to hold and transfer funds in various currencies effortlessly. Save time and resources with features like automated recurring payments and mass payouts via API or partner integrations.

Secure & reliable transfers, peace of mind

VIALET ensures secure and reliable international transfers using SEPA, SWIFT, and instant transfer options. Focus on growing your business while VIALET handles the complexities of international payments.

How VIALET multi-currency payments work

1. Open a business account

Sign up for VIALET in minutes – simply fill out the information about yourself and your business and attach company documents

2. Receive a dedicated EUR IBAN

Once your identity verification is complete, you’ll be granted access to your inaugural business account denominated in Euros within the VIALET platform

3. Start sending & accepting payments

Start sending and collecting payments in multiple currencies (USD, GBP, PLN, SEK, DKK, and CZK) with just a few clicks

4. Manage funds with ease

Easily handle currency exchange, vendor payments, and overall financial management through a single, user-friendly dashboard

Ready to simplify your global business payments? Open a VIALET account today and unlock a world of financial possibilities.