Acquiring Services

Your one-stop e-commerce payment solution

VIALET empowers businesses to automate and expedite high-volume payments with our innovative mass payout solution. Effortlessly and securely send funds to a large number of recipients at once, all through a single API integration.

Faster checkouts, happier e-commerce customers

VIALET empowers businesses to accept payments seamlessly with our comprehensive e-commerce acquiring solutions:

Accept major cards & popular online payments worldwide

Offer local checkout options in various currencies

Recurring payments
(subscription-based payments)

Enjoy fast settlements & secure transactions

Secure e-commerce with VIALET Virtual business cards

  • Easy setup & flexible top-ups/payouts
  • Maintain 100% control over spending by setting limits, real-time tracking, and freezing cards
  • Generate accurate and timely spending reports with VIALET’s comprehensive dashboard
  • Integrate seamlessly with popular accounting software for simplified expense management.

Unlock the power of Open banking with VIALET acquiring

VIALET leverages Open banking technology to provide Payment Initiation Services (PIS) – a secure and efficient way for customers to pay directly from their bank accounts to your platform. This innovative approach eliminates the need for traditional cards and streamlines the payment process for you and your customers.

Benefits of VIALET Open banking acquiring

Reduced fraud risk

Secure customer authentication through their banking app minimizes fraud risk. Leverage existing bank security protocols for KYC, AML, and transaction screening.

Reduced costs

Enjoy the lowest-cost payment option with no scheme or interchange fees.

Faster settlements

Get instant access to your funds, eliminating settlement delays.

Improved user experience and authorization rates

Customers don’t need to register or onboard—just authenticate with their banking app. This results in lower decline rates and higher payment success rates compared to traditional methods.

Regulated in Europe

VIALET is licensed and regulated by Bank of Lithuania.

Broader customer reach

Open banking payments are accessible to anyone with a bank account, expanding your potential customer base.

Integration types


Add Pay by Bank to e-commerce checkouts as the primary payment method

QR Code

Use a mobile, tablet, or till to initiate seamless payments with QR codes

Pay by Link

Initiate payments with Pay by Link via any channel and send a payment link

Set up your Merchant account 100% online

VIALET simplifies moving money for e-commerce, helping merchants get paid faster with an all-in-one suite of solutions


Set up and create your account


Register and verify your company


Confirm and sign our agreement


Configure integration and start sales

How soon will your funds arrive?

1-2 days

The settlement will arrive in your VIALET account in a couple of business days

Any scheduled time

You can opt to receive funds once a week, or at any other scheduled time or frequency


You can choose instant settlement as an additional service for your business

Our payment services

MasterCard and VISA processing

Multi-currency payments processing

Recurring payments (subscription-based payments)

Tokenization (one-click payments)

Payouts to cards

3D secure

Dynamic descriptor



Instant settlements