Mass Payouts

Pay anyone, anywhere instantly with VIALET global mass payouts

VIALET empowers businesses to automate and expedite high-volume payments with our innovative mass payout solution. Effortlessly and securely send funds to a large number of recipients at once, all through a single API integration.

VIALET Mass payouts:
streamline payments, boost efficiency

Real-time transfers, globally

Eliminate delays and get funds to your users instantly, boosting satisfaction and loyalty. Pay users internationally with ease, supporting your global business growth initiatives.

Reduced costs

Enjoy competitive fees and eliminate manual processing expenses associated with traditional payouts.

Effortless automation

Automate recurring payouts and streamline your financial operations, saving you valuable time and resources.

Enhanced security & transparency

VIALET’s secure, regulated platform ensures compliance and minimizes fraud risk. Gain real-time visibility into all your payout transactions for complete control.

How VIALET makes mass payouts easy:

Individual API integration

Our integrations provide current bulk data on your accounts, balances, and transactions

Upload recipient data

Upload a securely encrypted file containing comprehensive recipient information

Initiate payouts

Send funds instantly with a few clicks, with real-time status updates

Gain visibility

Track all your payouts in a single dashboard and access detailed transaction reports

VIALET Mass payouts: The ideal solution for

Payroll services

Centralize transactions, invoices, and receipts in a single platform. Streamline payments and approvals.

Marketplaces & platforms

Instantly pay sellers, vendors, and freelancers.

Gambling & Forex

Streamline winnings payouts and facilitate swift settlements.

Subscription businesses

Automate recurring payments for memberships and subscriptions.

Gig economy

Efficiently pay contractors and temporary workers.

Sign up for a free VIALET account today and experience a faster, simpler way to manage high-volume payments.