About Us

VIALET—you're in charge now.

Born as the response to the ever-changing needs of our generation, VIALET gives you the financial service management tool that you've always deserved.

No tricks and unwanted visits to the bank—we bring the power back to you. Get your own VIALET Mastercard®, open an account, transfer funds, and manage your finances anytime and anywhere.

We’re here to transform the traditional ways of doing things. With more than a decade of experience in the financial technology business, we have developed a product that is focused on giving you the financial freedom to live your life to the fullest. VIALET—the only financial service alternative made in the Baltics.

VIALET is owned by VIA SMS Group, an alternative financial services provider with an extensive product portfolio. Since its foundation in 2009, the company has expanded its operations to 7 countries and has grown into one of the leading European consumer lenders. Operating under the legal name of VIA Payments, the company is registered in Lithuania (No. 304531663) and licensed as an electronic money institution by Lithuanian Central Bank (license number 16).

Our Team

  • Георгий Красовицкий

    Георгий Красовицкий


    A dream without a visionary is just a wish. A finance management tool that is accessible to everyone and anywhere was Georgij's idea and, soon enough, he made his dream into a goal, gathered a team of brilliant minds and here we are now. For Georgij's innovation is a lifestyle. Having experience and passion for both fintech, and restaurant businesses, he definitely has a great taste for success and he's always on a lookout for the next challenge, opportunity, and innovation that will spice up the fintech world.
  • Артем Гривков

    Артем Гривков

    Chief Executive Officer

    Artjoms is a man of vision and is no stranger to the late nights at the drawing board. Disguised as a bearded individual in a suit, our CEO Artjoms is actually a rather creative mind. Hiding behind his job description is not about Artjoms; he never hesitates to get his hands dirty and does his best to ensure everybody is having a good time while marching towards the main objective.
  • Денис Шерстюков

    Денис Шерстюков

    Member of the Board

    As a Member of the Board, nothing makes Deniss more excited than exploring new horizons of the fintech industry. And if there is some risk involved, Deniss is already planning his next move. As a true leader, instead of giving consoling answers, he takes the action.
  • Эдуард Лапковский

    Эдуард Лапковский

    Member of the Board

    If you would’ve told 18-year-old Eduards that once he would be making decisions as a Member of the Board he wouldn’t be surprised for a second. But don’t get sidetracked; his success is not accidental: Eduards’ secret weapon is his detail-oriented eye, letting no nuance slip by unseen. Apart from daily strategic manoeuvres and shot-calling, Eduards often saves the day with one or two kick-ass jokes and makes his team believe everything is possible.
  • Елена Антипова

    Елена Антипова

    Chief Technology Officer

    You have to be really careful about using the word “impossible” around our Chief Technology Officer Jelena. Why? Because she eats impossible for breakfast! Top-tier analytical problem solver and a daredevil on the track. If she’s not getting her hands dirty in yet another coding marathon, she’s on her quad making big boys bite her dust. Jelena spends most of her time figuring out solutions to problems no one else has yet stumbled upon.
  • Дайга Муйжниеце

    Дайга Муйжниеце

    Chief Legal Officer

    Daiga knows the essence of good living, and being our Chief Legal Officer, this trait comes in hand on a daily basis. Even though her duties consist of being the most rational person in the room, Daiga is the least likely person to be a killjoy. She’s an emotional thermostat calming the often-edgy nerves of colleagues.
  • Виктория Ратачова

    Виктория Ратачова

    Chief Financial Officer

    Being a professional number whisperer, Viktorija has a black belt in Excel. As our Chief Finance Officer, she makes sure we don't spend too much on fidget spinners and M&Ms. Whether it’s nerdy conversations with the tech team, or girl gossip over the lunch, Viktorija is a great buddy to spend your time with. If there is such thing as knowledge limitation to a human brain, then we are wondering how she ended up on this planet.
  • Эгидиус Цивилис

    Эгидиус Цивилис

    Compliance Officer

    If you’re looking for someone who is hell-bent on winning, look no further—Egidijus knows that persistence moves mountains, and as our Compliance Officer he’s doing that effortlessly. Egidijus is a high-caliber professional with a mindset of a lion. He skillfully sails through the ever-changing financial regulatory landscape and never settles for anything less.
  • Дмитрий Львов

    Дмитрий Львов

    Head of Risk Management Department

    There is no doubt that data can bring you success or ruin you in seconds. Managing this mess definitely requires superpowers. Thankfully, we have our own data magician. Dmitrijs has a healthy obsession with assessing worst-case scenarios. As our Head of Risk Management Department, he is the only person in the room thinking in terms of disaster, but no one is actually ever witnessing projects going south. Why so? Because Dmitrijs does his job like a champ.
  • Виталий Мацулевич

    Виталий Мацулевич

    Head of Marketing

    Cracking down marketing ideas with Vitalijs is like tuning in Shark Tank Season 3. As Head of Marketing, he fuses the mixture of creativity and logic—a fierce combination only a few possess. Equipped with a rare talent of being able to objectively think while listening, Vitalijs has established his title as a multifunctional marketing guru.
  • Симона Луцатниеце

    Симона Луцатниеце

    PR and Marketing Communications Manager

    In a tech-savvy company the nerdy ying has to be balanced out by an equally slick yang. That’s why we have Simona, our PR and Marketing Communications Manager, who not only evens out the coolness factor but takes care of our image as well. A composed tornado in the office and a wanderluster on the outskirts, she handles obstacles and adversary with a steady hand, managing to squeeze in a proper laugh here and there