VIALET Business Account:
Your All-in-One Growth Engine

Open a flexible business account today and enjoy instant money transfers and open banking solutions. Set up multiple IBANs from a single business account, add team members, and easily assign different access levels.

VIALET products

Tailored Business Account and Payment Platform

Unlock seamless e-commerce transactions with our multi-functional EUR business account and online payment platform. SEPA, SEPA Instant, SWIFT payments, open banking, and local payment options are all within easy reach.

Multi-Currency Payments

Juggle several currencies at once thanks to VIALET’s multi-currency accounts (EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, SEK, DKK, CZK, CHF). Enjoy transparent account charges and honest rates for your multi-currency payments.

Virtual Corporate Cards

Use your virtual Visa or Mastercard to pay salaries, set daily spending, or supply your team with virtual cards for business-related expenses. Securely and efficiently pay vendors, suppliers, and service providers, eliminating paper checks and manual processes.

Mass Payouts via API 

Automate regular payments to numerous recipients in minutes with VIALET’s tailored mass-payout solution. Enjoy the convenience of one-click payments to your trusted clients.

B2B API Connections

Integrate your preferred apps with VIALET’s online payment platform. Link your business account, automate payments, and meet supplier deadlines. Contact our dedicated experts for guidance throughout the integration process.

Acquiring for E-commerce

Optimize checkout with payment methods your customers prefer. Benefit from top e-commerce platform plugins for instant funds in your VIALET account. Enable shoppers to pay directly from their bank through our open banking API.

Why choose VIALET?

Speed & ease of use

Open a business account in minutes and enjoy swift transactions and invoicing

Personalized support

Get a direct line of communication with your account manager

Robust security

We protect your financial data 24/7 with advanced security features

Transparent fees

Instead of paying high fees, invest in growing your business


Still have questions?

Have a look below:

VIALET is an electronic money institution providing mobile app based account to its users.

All funds are stored in the Bank of Lithuania, and under no circumstances will be used for any needs other than your own transactions.

Our streamlined online onboarding process gets you started fast, with no need for branch visits or sending physical documents. Simply apply, verify your ID remotely, and sign electronically.

We use the system to receive real-time alerts of fraudulent activity, allowing us to act quickly.

If you are having an issue or would like to ask a question, contact VIALET through the app’s Customer Support chat, website, or email [email protected].