What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file stored on a computer or other device when you visit a website. The text file contains information that is used to improve the experience of a website for visitors to specific web sites.

What cookies do vialet.eu, vialet.pl and ib.vialet.eu use and what is the purpose?

This website uses several types of cookies (regular and sessions). They differ in terms of use and storage life. Time-consuming cookies can be upgraded and adapted to meet the quality of service provision, but the general uses are as follows:

  • 1. User identification - provides for user identification and safer use of the Internet site;
  • 2. Provision and maintenance of services - cookies that functionally support the provision of financial services provided by UAB “Via Payments”;
  • 3. Internet site security and service integrity - cookies that help build services by creating the best customer experience;
  • 4. User statistics and analysis - provides information on how and how often the vialet.eu, vialet.pl and ib.vialet.eu internet sites are used, what user groups are and what search tools are used. Cookies statistics can also be obtained from affiliate websites.
  • 5. Provision of services and analysis of customer needs - cookies, which provide the most suitable offers for the client's needs.

The vialet.eu, vialet.pl and ib.vialet.eu websites may use third-party cookies information. The user can also display the most relevant offers on the co-operation partners' Internet resources.

How can a user choose and change cookie usage?

If you do not want cookies on your devices being used, you can change your browser's security settings. Please note that changes to security settings must be performed by each browser individually and the setting methods used may vary. However, remember that without the approval of the session cookies with the help either of the websites vialet.eu, vialet.pl or ib.vialet.eu, you will not be able to fully explore the financial services provided by UAB “Via Payments”.